Fly With Me: Meet the Member

Sanne bast

Meet the Member: Sanne Bast Meet Sanne Bast, founder of Fly With Me Centro House member Sanne Bast first came to Marbella on holidays with her family. Now she’s growing her private travel business from this luxurious resort at Centro House, combining the Marbella lifestyle with her passion for travel. About Fly With Me Sanne’s […]

The Cipressi Gallery of Modern Art

Cipressi Gallery

Meet our Members: Cipressi Gallery of Modern Art We were so excited to welcome our new members from The Cipressi Gallery of Modern Art to Centro House. Not only do they bring their artistic style to the offices, they are driving their business forward in Marbella and helping Ukranian artists at the same time. Their […]

5 Business Ideas for Digital Nomads in 2023

Digital Nomad

Are you a digital nomad who’s looking to make some money online? If so, you’re in luck! With murmurs of a recession abounding, it’s a great idea to get financially free and an even better idea to set up a location independent business.  There are several businesses that you can run from the comfort of […]

Hayley Wilkins

Meet the Member: Hayley Wilkins Hayley Wilkins: Capturing Marbella’s Best Moments One Reel at a Time Hayley Wilkins is a flexible member of Centro House, you may have seen her around, and you will know her if you see her: tall, striking and blond , likely to be filming with her iPhone at all times […]

Why Marbella is a Popular Business Destination

Puerto Banus

Why Is Marbella a Popular Business Destination? In recent years, Marbella has become more popular for businesses, both those located here and those who may have an office in Spain, or base themselves here remotely for some of the year. There are a number of reasons for this, but chief among them is the city’s […]

Entrepreneur?: How to Get Things Done!

How to get things done

8 Ways to Improve Your Productivity Are you taking on too much? For some of us it’s easy to stay focused; we just set tight boundaries from the start. For others, not so much. Do you find yourself saying yes to things that won’t necessarily move you closer to your goals? Here’s 8 ways you […]

Ryan Howsam: The Future of Work

Ryan Howsam

“The world has changed dramatically. Companies have to adapt.” Interview with Ryan Howsam, founder of Centro House It’s not all about selling a stunning location: Behind the shiny chandeliers of Centro House’s plush interior sits a very astute business mind. Ryan Howsam is a seasoned entrepreneur, founder of a market leading insurance group, Staysure,  major […]


Nicole Yoga

From Depression to Wellness Through Yoga Practice Meet Nicole Åhlander, our Centro House Yoga teacher. If you’re looking for a little bit of zen in your life, meet Nicole Åhlander, our incredible yoga teacher. She brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to Centro House, and her passion for the practice is evident in everything […]

Wakey Wakey!

Girl yawning

Sleep more, it’s underrated! Are You An Early Riser? Debunking The Productivity Myth It seems everyone is telling people to get up early for a better life. The 5 am club trend is growing in popularity and we don’t mean staying out to the early hours, we mean waking at dawn to a perfect routine, […]


Terrace at Centro House

TEN REASONS WHY HYBRID WORKING IS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS​ Life is good, relaxing on a sunny terrace with business contacts for a catch up after spending the morning  at home, focused on your monthly report. Can you really have it all? With hybrid working, we think so. For those “have your cake and […]