Capturing Centro House on Film: Our New Video

At Centro House, we believe in embodying the essence of creativity, sophistication, and innovation. Recently, we embarked on a thrilling journey with Vice Versa Media to encapsulate the spirit of Centro House in a captivating film. Our goal was to create a short, shareable masterpiece that would serve as a visual testament to everything Centro represents, ready to be shared across advertising and social media platforms.


A Collaborative Exploration

Creating a video that truly represents Centro House is not as straightforward as saying, “Make us a video.” It involves a meticulous process that starts with introducing our space to the creative minds behind Vice Versa Media. We wanted them to immerse themselves in Centro, to understand what makes it unique.

Our journey continued as we delved into themes, moods, and the selection of models to bring our vision to life. This collaborative effort was all about capturing Centro House’s distinctive ambience and aesthetic.


*Marcelo Llaryora’s Perspective: Director of Vice Versa Media*

Marcelo, the visionary director at Vice Versa Media, played a pivotal role in translating our vision into reality. He shared his thoughts on what it was like to work on this exceptional project:

“As a director, I’ve had the privilege to work on various projects, but Centro House was a unique experience. When Centro House invited us to capture its essence on film, I was intrigued. Our journey began with a tour of the space, and its unexpected allure instantly struck me. It was more than a co-working space; it was a serene retreat, a hidden gem waiting to be unveiled.

From a videographer’s perspective, Centro House was a dream location. Every corner was meticulously designed, eliminating the need to hide any part of the frame. It was a visual delight, and capturing its beauty was a joy.

But beyond the aesthetics, this project was about something more significant. It was about showcasing Marbella’s evolution into a hub of sophistication and innovation. Centro House embodies this transformation, and it was an honour to be part of the journey.

Ultimately, our collaboration resulted in a film that captures Centro House’s spirit and celebrates Marbella’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape. It’s a visual narrative of creativity, innovation, and elegance, and I couldn’t be prouder of the final product.”

In conclusion, our partnership with Vice Versa Media has allowed us to encapsulate the very heart and soul of Centro House. We can’t wait to share this mesmerizing journey with you, and we hope that our film will convey the essence of what makes Centro House more than just a co-working space—it’s a retreat for the creative and innovative minds of Marbella.


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