Centro House and Selected Workspaces Club- A Natural Fit

 Interview with Matthias Plunser: Founder of Selected Workspaces Club

Centro House Marbella is known as  the premier luxury coworking space in Southern Spain. But recently we have  expanded our own footprint by becoming  part of the Selected Workspaces Club (SWClub) network.


This partnership underscores the alignment between Centro House’s dedication to providing exceptional work environments and SWClub’s mission to offer high-performing professionals access to luxury workspaces worldwide.


In an exclusive interview, Matthias Plunser, the founder of SWClub, delves into the vision behind his innovative venture and the exciting collaboration with Centro House.


The Birth of Selected Workspaces Club

Matthias Plunser’s journey to establishing SWClub is deeply rooted in his extensive global experiences and a nuanced understanding of the modern professional’s needs. “Having travelled the world and worked in numerous countries for years, I know how challenging it can be to find exceptional workspaces,” Matthias shared. The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the shift towards remote and flexible work, making the traditional office setup less relevant.

“Professionals, especially global high performers, are expected to be available and productive 24/7, making work-life balance essential,” Matthias noted. Recognizing this, he posed a crucial question: “Why should someone who flies business class or on a private jet settle for hotel lobbies, lonely hotel rooms, or crowded coworking spaces?” This led to the creation of SWClub, an international members-only club designed to provide high performers with top-tier facilities, enhancing their business, life, and relationships.

Concept and Offerings

At its core, Selected Workspaces Club connects high achievers with premium and luxury flexible workspaces and meeting facilities across the globe. “SWClub offers access to luxury villas, boutique hotels, and yachts, ideal for corporate retreats, work-ations, or off-sites,” Matthias highlighted.

This exclusive approach ensures that members experience nothing but the best. “We do not partner with large chains in the flex workspace or hotel sectors, ensuring exceptional and unique experiences for our members,” Matthias emphasized. This commitment to quality and exclusivity is what makes SWClub distinct, catering specifically to the discerning needs of elite professionals.

Global Footprint

SWClub’s reach spans key business travel destinations worldwide. “We currently have partners in cities such as London, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, and Dubai, among others,” Matthias shared. The club also targets prime locations for workations and retreats, including Monaco, Lake Como, and Dubrovnik. “Our primary rule is to choose prime locations with boutique and luxury facilities,” he added.

Looking ahead, SWClub is set to expand into major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Paris, ensuring that wherever their members’ business takes them, there’s a premium workspace ready and waiting.

Centro House: A Perfect Partner for International Business

The partnership with Centro House Co in Marbella is a testament to SWClub’s vision of curating exceptional work environments. “Centro House in Marbella was my first business trip for SWClub,” Matthias recounted. He was immediately impressed by Centro House’s design, amenities, and the warm, respectful culture among the staff. “One of the best parts of visiting was my great conversations with the Centro House team,” Matthias recalled fondly. This synergy made Centro House a natural fit for the SWClub network, enhancing the options available to SWClub members in Marbella.

Centro House Co offers a blend of stylish coworking spaces, modern amenities, and a welcoming atmosphere, aligning perfectly with SWClub’s commitment to providing high-quality, flexible work environments. By becoming part of the Selected Workspaces network, Centro House now offers its members even more opportunities to connect and thrive within a global community of high performers.

Membership and Expansion

SWClub maintains an exclusive, invitation-only membership process. “Members can invite friends, colleagues, and their network to join,” Matthias explained. Prospective members can also apply directly through the SWClub website. Each application is thoroughly reviewed to ensure alignment with the club’s high standards. Currently, the club offers an individual membership tier that includes the flexibility to bring a personal assistant, further supporting its members’ needs.

Challenges and Growth

Running a startup like SWClub comes with unique challenges. “We decided to grow our business organically through sales,” Matthias noted. This strategy allows SWClub to be profitable from the beginning, unlike many startups that pursue rapid growth through significant investment. “But this is also our opportunity,” he emphasized, pointing to the value of sustainable growth.

Support from entrepreneurial hubs like Digital Greenhouse Guernsey and partnerships with firms such as Henningson Black Level have been crucial in navigating these challenges. As Matthias expands his team and refines the business model, he remains focused on leveraging his strengths to lead SWClub to new heights.

In a world where flexibility and quality are paramount, the collaboration between Centro House Co and Selected Workspaces Club is setting a new standard for luxury workspaces and travel. With their shared commitment to exceptional experiences and strategic growth, the future looks exceptionally bright for both brands and their discerning clientele.

To learn more about Selected Workspaces Club or to apply for membership, visit their website.

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