Life is good, relaxing on a sunny terrace with business contacts for a catch up after spending the morning  at home, focused on your monthly report. Can you really have it all? With hybrid working, we think so.

For those “have your cake and eat it” types who will not compromise, here is why we love the new way to work.

Hybrid working is all about flexibility;  The comfort factor of working from home with the structure and social interaction of working in an office, whenever you want. This new, popular way of working allows employees to take advantage of different work environments, depending on their needs on any given day. For example, they can work from home when they need to focus on a project, and come into the office for meetings or to collaborate with colleagues.

Here’s ten reasons why we love hybrid working.

  1. Increased productivity – hybrid working allows you to work from anywhere, anytime.
  2. Improved focus and concentration – no more distractions from colleagues or office noise when working at home.
  3. More time for family and friends – with the flexibility to work from home, you can balance your work/life commitments better.
  4. Increased creativity and innovation – being able to work in different environments (E.g. home, coffee shops, etc.) helps to stimulate new ideas.
  5. A better sense of control over your life – you’re not chained to a desk 9-5 anymore!
  6. Greater job satisfaction and career growth potential – with the ability to move between roles and projects more easily.
  7.  Networking in person as much (or as little) as you want it.
  8. The return to in-person meetings, without having to do them every day!
  9. The office, when you do go in, provides structure and stability.
  10. The office element of hybrid working allows for creativity and collaboration.

Hybrid working- the perfect solution for today’s workforce?

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