Meet the Member: Hayley Wilkins

Hayley Wilkins, Member of Centro House

Hayley Wilkins: Capturing Marbella’s Best Moments One Reel at a Time

Hayley Wilkins is a flexible member of Centro House, you may have seen her around, and you will know her if you see her: tall, striking and blond , likely to be filming with her iPhone at all times (with good reason!) Hayley runs her own business, Marbella Moments, and is dedicated to the creation of exclusive content for clients in the area.  We spoke to her about her story and what she enjoys about Centro House.

Hayley’s Story: How She Ended Up in Spain and Running Her Own Business

In 2019  Hayley quit her 9-5 job to travel the world , giving up a manager’s role, flat , car and left the UK.

( Brave but good on her we say!)

Some of the places she visited were Australia , Fiji , Bali  and then Covid hit, she flew back to The UK after just 6 months . Moving back home to her mum’s, she felt lost and not really sure what to do, so she threw herself into an online business. Still hit with wanderlust, she tells us

“I sat down one day on Pinterest and Googled beautiful places in Spain.  Estepona came up . Having never been there I decided this was where I would live. Within 2 weeks I found an apartment , booked my flights and the rest is history .” Go girl! We love this…

Since then she left her old company and set up on her  own, creating Marbella Moments.  More on this to follow. 

Marbella Moments

Marbella Moments started as an idea to create ‘ Instagram worthy ‘ photos for those on holiday here in Marbella .  This very soon changed direction and Hayley found that what she was offering was very much needed by businesses , so now she is a  social media manager for various companies managing Instagram accounts , creating content , looking at instagram analytics, also holding content days .

She tells us “I have now worked for big bands , celeb shoots , model and PR agencies , various beauty clinics as well as creating content for birthdays and family events . It’s a great way to meet people and I’m super passionate about getting the content right for each client “

You may have seen some of her work already as she’s been instrumental in working with other members here in Centro House, such as Estelle McCluskie who did a recent shoot by our pool.

You can find Hayley on Instagram, her handle is @marbella.moments_

Why Hayley Loves Centro House

Hayley enjoys being in Centro House because of its fantastic location and pool area – she loves being able to cool off after a hot day at work. Additionally she welcomes the change from the home office to mingle with other members and network.

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