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Meet our Members: Cipressi Gallery of Modern Art

We were so excited to welcome our new members from The Cipressi Gallery of Modern Art to Centro House.

Not only do they bring their artistic style to the offices, they are driving their business forward in Marbella and helping Ukranian artists at the same time. Their mission:

“To nurture young Ukrainian painters and turn them into the new Yves Klein, Basquiat, Piero Manzoni, and introduce them onto the foreign modern art market”


Cirpressi Gallery
Maria and Konstantin Shpilevoy

Behind the Brand: Konstantin and Maria Shpilevoy

Both Maria and Konstantin, owners of Cipressi Gallery of Modern Art, have a strong background in art.  They both feel passionately about helping the artists they promote. 

Konstantin tells us,“A gallery dealer should not only sell but participate in the artist 100%” Naturally, we were very keen to find out more about this most unique gallery.

Maria is the creative genius of the agency. She promotes contemporary art and is the visionary behind the collection. She is responsible for all communication and promotion for the agency.


A Flavour of the Cipressi Gallery

Interested?  Cipressi Gallery are hosting an art exhibition and cocktail event on 27th October, 2022 at Centro House, by invitation only.

About The Cipressi Gallery 

The gallery is built upon some solid principles: commitment to art, business instinct and the ability to take risks. These principles have driven art and artists through the ages and now is no different. What is different however, is that now, in 2022 there is not one prevailing style.  Cipressi work with this not against it, welcoming art of different styles from painting, graphics, collages to video and performance art, but, applying their strict criteria.

Each artist and his or her work is assessed on many criteria, taking into consideration their artistic value, the idea and its execution, the artist’s personality and the final presentation.

The team selects prospective residents of the gallery on versatile global sites. But they don’t rule out the possibility of being open for cooperation, if they see potential in works by an artist who approaches them.

How do the Team Work with Artists?

At the start of cooperation, the gallery’s residents receive professional support – project financing, open-air painting trips, including some excursions abroad, preparation of their CV, their biography as well as interviews with art experts and opinion leaders in the world of the arts. In addition to collaboration and support, some selected artworks will be purchased by the gallery for its own collection.

Opportunities with the Gallery

The gallery accepts applications from interested artists who meet their criteria, as well as collaborators. Find out more on their website.

Cipressi Gallery

For those interested in purchasing their artworks, please contact Maria or Konstantin.


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