Centro House and Selected Workspaces Club- A Natural Fit

Matthias Plunser- Founder of Selected Workspaces Club

 Interview with Matthias Plunser: Founder of Selected Workspaces Club Centro House Marbella is known as  the premier luxury coworking space in Southern Spain. But recently we have  expanded our own footprint by becoming  part of the Selected Workspaces Club (SWClub) network.   This partnership underscores the alignment between Centro House’s dedication to providing exceptional work […]

What Type of Co Worker Are You?

coffee drinking in an office

What Type of Coworker Are You? An Alternative Look at Coworking in Marbella Ah, coworking in Marbella—a melting pot of professionals, dreamers, and coffee enthusiasts. As you navigate the shared spaces and communal desks, you can’t help but notice the diverse cast of characters that make up the coworking community. From the perpetually caffeinated to […]

Marbella: A Haven for Digital Nomads in 2024

Embarking on the digital nomad lifestyle has become very popular.  If you are choosing a place to work from, Marbella could be an excellent choice, meeting your needs for exoticism, sunshine and an international, thriving community. Why Marbella is Popular for Digital Nomads  Mediterranean Lifestyle Marbella’s Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and warm summers, […]

Capturing Centro House on Film: Our New Video

Centro House from outside

At Centro House, we believe in embodying the essence of creativity, sophistication, and innovation. Recently, we embarked on a thrilling journey with Vice Versa Media to encapsulate the spirit of Centro House in a captivating film. Our goal was to create a short, shareable masterpiece that would serve as a visual testament to everything Centro […]

Why the Beach is Not a Good Place to Work in Marbella

Marbella beach

Working from Home on Vacation in Marbella? Think Twice Before Hitting the Beach! Are you considering working from home while vacationing in Marbella? Perhaps you’re envisioning a productive workday on the sandy shores, with the gentle sea breeze and warm sun. While it might seem like a great idea in theory, let’s delve into the […]

10 Reasons to Base your Tech Start Up in Marbella

Puerto Banus

 10 Compelling Reasons to Base Your Tech Startup in Marbella   When it comes to launching a tech startup, location can make all the difference in determining your success. While Silicon Valley might be the first place that comes to mind, there’s a hidden gem in the Mediterranean that is steadily gaining popularity among tech […]

Coworking in Marbella- Everything you Need to Know

Centro House Co working Marbella

Coworking has become a popular trend among professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers all around the world. This concept of shared workspaces has not only revolutionized the way people work but has also helped in building a community of like-minded individuals who share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge. If you are based in Marbella or planning to move […]